September 2002,Formed the Anhui newvision Ltd. cooperated with the CNC
March, 2003, Had a potent combination with Fudan University , engaged in the construction of the local network information
October,2003, Passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification successfully
May,2004, Won the honorary title “High-tech Enterprise” given by Wuhu
August,2005, Made a contract with the Medical College to provide the service of weak current in the new campus, became the first enterprise which got the general contractor in the local place, established the leading position in Anhui IT field
November,2006, Established the Party branch and the Youth League branch
November,2006, Cheng xiaochun ,the chairman ,was elected as the vice secretary-general of the Urban Youth Enterprise and a standing committee of the city’s Communist Youth League
December,2006, Chen xiaochun ,the chairman , was elected as the standing member of the Municipal Federation of Industry Entrepreneurs Association and the standing committee of the Young Entrepreneurs Association
May,2007, Chen xiaochun ,the chairman , was elected as the standing member of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Young Entrepreneurs Association
June,2007, Won the "Youth Civilization” honor awarded by the Wuhu Youth League
July,2007, Won the honorary title “outstanding Party branch” given by the non-public party Working Committee of Jinghu District
August,2007, Signed a contract with the civil air defense department, and participated in the design and construction of the national key projects for the first time
September,2007, Cheng Xiao-chun, the chairman ,won the "First Ten Wuhu young people cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship" award
November,2007, “The Anhui newvision” was replenished 10 million yuan, the company’s size and strength were further improved
April,2008, The Anhui newvision, Hefei branch was formed
July ,2008, Cheng Xiao chun, chairman won the sixth title of Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Wuhu
August,2008, Become a unit of Anhui Province Youth Entrepreneurs Association
September,2008, Cheng Xiao-chun, chairman won the "the member of Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur Association " honor
December,2008, Won the "high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province" title
January,2009, Won the "vanguard party post" awarded by the the Party Working Committee in Jinghu District
February,2009, Be listed in the key Helping Business Directory successful ---“little gianta”
March,2009, Bought up the Hua Rui Taige Software Co.Ltd. successful and laid a important position in the software industry
April,2009, Passed the ISO9001 quality management systems, environmental management, occupational health and safety management system certification Successfully
May,2009, Become a member of the "software industry associations in Anhui Province"
June,2009, Be classified as one of the growth-oriented enterprises in Anhui Province
July,2009, The Business Council licensed the Anhui Newvision the certification of software outsourcing services
October,2009, In the common witness of the principal of Hefei Industrial University and the Wuhu party secretary Chenshulong, the Anhui Newvision signed a major comprehensive cooperation agreement to strengthen the close co-operation with research institutions
November 2009 Formed the Anhui Newvision, Ma’anshan branch
December 2009, Obtained the “double soft” certification ,and passed the examination of the materials about the qualified intelligent construction